Cravings…something from nothing :o)

So as the summer winds down, so does my bank account. While having the summer off definitely has its advantages, it also has it drawbacks, and my bank account is the hardest!! So this means I don’t have the money to fund my late night cravings and my pantry has gotten down to the nitty-gritty basics. While sweet cravings  are not usually a big deal for me, last night they were driving me crazy. So I kept going back and forth to the refrigerator  and the pantry searching for something to sooth my sweet tooth and there was NOTHING!!!!! Now usually I crave salty and crunchy when I am craving and popcorn is a “BIG” hit with me. I love to add different seasonings to jazz it up a bit. But at first popcorn was not even triggering any satisfaction in my thought process until I thought of doing something sweet with it. So I was off to search the internet to see if I could find something to make with my very limited pantry ingredients. Caramel Corn seemed to be the logical choice as I knew I had butter and brown sugar, but was not too sure about the corn syrup. Luckily my daughter had some organic corn syrup she let me use in my quest to satisfy the sweet beast inside of me!!   I found a few different recipes using the ingredients I had, but the amounts were a bit off of what I actually had on hand. I still went ahead and made a batch and it turned out quite well and actually was very YUMMY! It made a great snack for both my daughters and I, while conquering that inner sweet beast. Amazing what you can do with very little.  Can’t wait to try making it again when I can actually have the right amounts of ingredients and maybe even add some nuts and chocolate!! 🙂 Just love my cooking adventures!

2 thoughts on “Cravings…something from nothing :o)

  1. Loved reading reading about your “inner beast”. I swear, when it’s not with you it is here with me!
    Looking forward to when you are on your feet with your blog…..
    Enjoy your writing you have another talent besides cooking!

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