If you put chocolate into Google search you come up with 564,000,000 results.The dictionary defines chocolate as: a food that is made from cacao beans and that is eaten as candy or used as a flavoring ingredient in other sweet foods. According to, these are the different types of chocolate available:

Chocolate Liquor
Unsweetened Chocolate
Bittersweet Chocolate
Sweet Chocolate
Milk Chocolate
White Chocolate
Ground Chocolate
Baking Chocolate
Chocolate Coating
Single Bean Chocolate
Cocoa Butter
Chocolate Extract
Chocolate Oil

The Swiss eat an average of 22 lbs. of chocolate per person a year, where the U.S. only eats an average of 11 lbs. per person a year.(Finding that one hard to believe!!) The oldest and largest chocolate factory in the U.S. is Hershey’s. One of my favorite facts about chocolate though is the fact that it is good for you! It has been proven that when you eat chocolate, it releases a hormone called serotonin into your body. Serotonin is a chemical that makes you feel happy, relaxed and calm. Now how can you fight scientific proof!! 🙂 So maybe that’s why I am sitting here feeling quite relaxed and happy!!

Now I have to be honest and say when I was a child chocolate was not one of my favorite things. I did not like chocolate ice cream or cake and candy bars were not on the top of my candy list. While I still do not like chocolate ice cream and chocolate cake only has certain moments for enjoyment, I do enjoy chocolate candy and chocolate covered items!  One of my favorites is chocolate covered strawberries!! Another one of my favorites is chocolate and peanut butter, which I love to make into fudge! Now while I do not crave chocolate like some people do, I do hear the chocolate monster call my name on occasion!

Today was one of those occasions, and he seemed to be calling my youngest and oldest daughters names too! 🙂 So we spent the evening making chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate covered marshmallows and chocolate covered peanuts.

So now we all are sitting back in a blissful state from all the serotonin floating through our bodies. 🙂 So next time you hear the chocolate monster calling your name, go for it!! No need to feel guilty for indulging in the rich, creamy goodness of chocolate. Just remind yourself that it is scientifically proven that chocolate is good for you! 🙂

2 thoughts on “ChOcOlAtE

  1. I don’t crave chocolate very often but when I do…oh do I really want it! I love making chocolate covered pretzels every year for Christmas to give away. The salty & sweet is a perfect match! Everything in the picture looks so yummy!

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