Semi-Home Made :)


There are many reasons why my daughters and I love the fall months…cooler weather, fun holidays, lots of fun activities/crafts, lots of baking and great food, The Greek Festival and then of course there are the Craft Shows!!  It is always so exciting to get that first email reminding us of the upcoming Craft Show. The date is marked on the calendar way ahead of time (like we would ever forget!) While there are many great craft items for sale from the ever abundant number of crafters and we do pick up things here and there, we always seem to come home with more food items than anything!! 🙂

One of our favorite places to hit up every year is a company called Coyote Country Seasoning Co..We LOVE their dip mixes and soup mixes!! You can find their items for sale online, but we always stock up on everything whenever they are here. One of my favorite soup mixes is their Enchilada Soup. It is really good made just as stated on the package, but tonight for dinner I added in some extras and it turned out beyond fantabulousz!!! (my new word!! So I guess you can say it is Semi-Home-Made. 🙂

Cheesey Chicken Enchilada Soup

1 pkg. Coyote Country Seasoning Co. Enchilada Soup Mix

Meat from 1/2 roasted chicken, shredded up

1 can corn,drained

1 cup shredded Mexican blend cheese

1/2 cup diced onion

Prepare soup as directed on package. Add remaining ingredients and cook another 10-15 minutes on low. I then served the bowls of soup topped with chopped onion, more shredded cheese, mexican sour cream and avocado. YUMMY!!

Here is the link to their web-site:

( I am not a professional photographer nor do I claim to be one..I am a generic photographer but a great cook!! 🙂  )


5 thoughts on “Semi-Home Made :)

  1. I am so ready for fall so I can get back to soups and stews as well. Only problem is living in FL the cooler weather doesn’t usually creep in until late October.

    Wow, how easy is that to whip up? It looks amazing. My mouth is watering right now. I’ve been looking for some new slow cooker soup recipes. *Click! (that was was me book marking this page 🙂 )

    • Here in Vegas, it takes usually til October for us to notice the difference too ( we were 110+ this pass week!) But I love to find any small excuse to celebrate fall!! 🙂 Their soups are very easy to make and taste great..and so many ways you can make them your own by adding ingredients your family loves!! Happy Fall Sherri! 🙂

  2. Love this company’s products! I have the Black Bean soup mix & I am looking forward to making it. Thinking of adding hominy to mine. MMM…Hominy. Thanks for the inspiration to dial a prepackaged soup up!

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