Foodie Scrapbook Fun

Cooking, eating and get togethers are definitely on the fore front of favorite activities for my family. I remember as a child I would get so excited when I knew we were going to my grandma’s house, because it meant lots of fun and lots of great food! Then we moved out of state and it was my mom’s cooking that I would be excited for. One of my favorite smells to this day is on Thanksgiving morning. I love the scent of the butter, onions and celery cooking for the stuffing! This aroma always takes me back to being a child. 🙂 When I started my own family I  began to pass down that excitement to my daughters and now down to my grandchildren. But the excitement around food does not end with cooking and eating, it also extends to other areas of our lives.



Another area my family loves is doing crafts! We love to crochet, knit, and make ceramics, draw, paint, sewing and most of all anything to do with scrapbooking/altered items. My oldest daughter has made some of the most beautiful pages, items and cards using her scrapbooking skills. One area that we all have used our love for food and cooking with is scrapbooking to make Recipe Scrapbook Pages. I began many years ago when I belonged to some craft groups online and instantly became obsessed with making these pages. I have literally swapped 1000’s of pages with others from around the world. As my love grew with this art, my daughters also became involved. We had so much fun doing these pages! It was so exciting to get recipes from everyone on uniquely designed pages. To see the talent from all these ladies was quite inspiring. These pages could be put together to make our own little cookbooks! I was blessed to meet some wonderful ladies online, whom to this day, I remain friends with! But sadly a time came in my life where I had to back away from this activity and take a break. But I will always cherish these pages and all the wonderful recipes I have collected. Lately my heart has been yearning to begin making these pages again…so maybe I will find a few out there who would like to begin a journey of Recipe Scrapbooking again!! Is it you??!?? 🙂

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