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Bountiful Baskets

This weeks goodies…oh how I love Bountiful Baskets!!! Looking forward to getting back on track with my eating and moving towards more raw. Also will be doing at least 1 green smoothie everyday. 🙂

Honey Cider Bread

This time of year brings out the baker in me!! I remember as a kid all the baking my grandma would do as the holidays approached. She would have tins and more tins full of all kinds of cookies and candies that she had made. She would store these tins in the attic where it … Continue reading

Roasted Garlic and Hatch Green Chili Hummus

I love this time of year for so many reasons…..Just to name a few…. Cooler weather, even though it comes too slow here in Las Vegas!! The start of the holiday season!! My girls and I “LOVE” ALL of the holidays from October thru December!! Lots of crafts and baking with my grandkids! It’s Hatch … Continue reading

One year ago…Breakfast Cookies

I was going through old posts this morning and one post from this time last year had me really laughing at myself! When I first started blogging it was to share my passion for cooking and eating with my friends and family. We all definitely love to eat and I love to share my cooking … Continue reading

Lemon Cheesy Pasta

One of the hardest things for me to give up when I changed to a plant strong way of eating was cheese. How could I give up grilled cheese sandwiches, pizza with ooey gooey cheese, creamy macaroni and cheese, cheesy nacho sauce, sweet creamy cheesecake and sharp feta cheese in a Greek Salad?!?!?! Was I … Continue reading