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Dr.’d BBQ Beans

  I love cooking and having friends and family over for dinner. Sometimes I will make the whole meal and other times I like to do pot-luck. I love to try other people’s cooking and sharing recipes! I also love being invited to others homes or when there are church gatherings, and it is pot-luck. Trying different … Continue reading

Ramen Tuna Casserole

I love casseroles!! I have always loved casseroles! I will always love casseroles!  I love them for breakfast and I love them for dinner. Great for lunch leftovers too! 🙂 Casseroles are definitely a comfort food in my book. They are usually creamy and have such a wonderful blend of ingredients. They smell so heavenly baking away in the … Continue reading

Meatball Subs

  I am quite proud to say that my youngest daughter (11 yrs) is following in the footsteps of her family of foodies legacy. She not only enjoys eating, she truly appreciates the flavors, textures and aromas of food. She has gone from a picky eater when she was younger, never would “ANY” vegetable pass her … Continue reading