My Enchilada Sauce(from scratch!)

Most people upon first meeting me, do not tend to get my ethnicity right…even within my own family, my daughters like to joke about where my heritage is from! 🙂 On my mom’s side of the family, my ancestors are from Greece, on my dad’s side I am English and Indian(at least that’s what my dad says…lol!) But many people when they first meet me believe me to be Hispanic. Now I don’t think I look Hispanic at all. Now I do speak Spanish and I did grow up in a predominantly Hispanic neighborhood, hence the reason being why I speak Spanish. Also my ex-husband is Hispanic, so all of my daughters are half Hispanic. But I do not see where any of this makes me look Hispanic…lol 🙂 One other area that tends to make people lean towards this belief is my ability to cook Mexican food.

I have always loved Mexican food and then growing up surrounded by the culture; as well as my love for cooking, it only seemed natural for me to learn how to prepare authentic Mexican food. One of my most requested dishes from friends and family are my Authentic Mexican Layered Enchiladas. The first time I ever had them was when I was with a friend who went to visit a family member’s house. All I had ever had before that was rolled enchiladas with meat inside and cheddar melted on top. These were so very different but so unbelievably good, I was hooked!! I had to learn to make these delicious enchiladas!  There are still times when I make rolled enchiladas, but the stacked ones are by far my favorite! I make a red sauce from scratch, which can be used for Enchiladas, Chili Rojo, Chillaquilles and Posole. This is a recipe my oldest daughter says I can’t share!! Giving away the family secrets she says!! lol 🙂 (Maybe she won’t read my blog!! ) So while I may not have been born with any Mexican blood in me, I think all the years of cooking the food and loving the culture may have  earned me an honorary mention!! 😉

Enchilada Sauce

8-10 each California, New Mexico, Ancho and Guajillo dried chili peppers

Break off stems of peppers and dump out seeds. Place large pan of water with 1 tbsp. salt to boil. Add peppers and allow to boil for about 20-25 minutes, pushing down every so often to let water seep into chilis. Cover pan, turn off heat and let sit with lid on (Do not remove!) for about 1 hour.

4-6 tomato-chicken bouillon Cubes(Knorr or Maggi Brand)

6-8 garlic cloves

1/2 tsp. oregano

1/2 tsp. cumin

2 tsp. granulated onion

 Add chilies into blender or food processor. I blend mine in three separate batches dividing the chilies, the garlic and bouillon, with each batch. Add the oregano, onion and cumin in the first batch. Start with 2 cups of the water used to cook the chilies with when blending each batch. Add more if needed to get a smooth consistency. You really need a good blender or food processor when making the sauce as you need to blend it really well. Then just strain through a wire mesh strainer to remove any leftover skin/seeds. Next place about 2-3 tbsp. of oil in a deep pan and heat. Add sauce and let simmer about 20-25 minutes to blend flavors. (If your sauce is a bit bitter you can add an onion chopped in half and simmer for the 20-25 minutes).



8 thoughts on “My Enchilada Sauce(from scratch!)

  1. Hi Neecey, I’m from Santa Fe, New Mexico and we have our own chile we like to call northern New Mexico chili. I make mine the same as you except for I do not put cumin or oregano in it. The only time I use oregano is when I make carne adovada (or Italian food). Also, I use Chimayo red chili because I think it’s the best. It is grown in the Chimayo valley north of Santa Fe. Remember when we used to trade and scrapbook recipes. I loved that. (And I am hispanic. Much of northern New Mexico was settled back in the 1500’s by conquistadores from Spain. I am descended from them).

    • Hi Carmen, I have used the Mew Mexico Chilis before but have never heard of the Chimayo ones! I would be interested in trying them. I like using different ones as I love the blending of the flavors. I miss doing our recipe scrapbook pages! Maybe sometime we could do a swap just you and I ! 🙂

    • my husband makes red sauce using red chili powder from chimayo, its the best! but my husband uses only garlic, the chili powder and water. after having sauce from scratch canned sauces from the store are garbage.

      • You are the second person to mention Chimayo..I have never heard of it before, but will definitly be watching for it now!! And I totally agree about not using canned after having it fresh!! 🙂

  2. This truly is one of my favorite recipes. I am not one who loves spicy dishes but regardless of how spicy this can be…I can’t resist. Definitely worth making & creating it to suit your taste!

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