It’s Never to Late

So it has now been 7 months that I made the choice to switch to a vegan lifestyle, a choice that has not only improved my health and changed my views on animal cruelty but totally changed my life for a definite better!! I feel like I enjoy food so much more now then I did before, and I was definitely a huge foodie before!! I never thought I could give up my childhood favorite of Pork Roast and Rosemarina or my famous authentic Mexican Cheese and Onion Enchiladas with home-made enchilada sauce. How could I ever survive no more French Dip sandwiches, sausage and bacon for breakfast and pizza with hot Italian sausage and “LOTS” of cheese?!?!? Surprisingly it has been much easier than I thought and I am glad I made that first step to a healthier way of life. I avidly search the internet looking for new recipes to try and currently have over 1200 recipe in my Pinterest account just waiting to be tried. I love finding such healthy recipes that totally win over my taste-buds! With this being said I have decided that as I try these new recipes I will be sharing them here on my blog. Hopefully this will help others on their journey to learning to eat healthier!

I also have continued participating with Bountiful Baskets. I think this is such a wonderful idea and encourage others to participate in this wonderful produce coop. You get a great variety of vegetables and fruit weekly for an amazing price(contribution)!! It has helped me stay on track with having fresh produce in my diet. I actually love it so much I now volunteer and run a pick-up site myself!! Here is the link to go check them out….

Here is a picture of my basket from this past week…..

So here’s to an amazing new lifestyle of eating Vegan!! If I can do it anyone can!! 🙂

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